Jo has been developed by the founders and community leading is an industry wide movement to empower local businesses. We are working hard to ensure high streets stay diverse, thriving and independent. The movement launched in August 2016 and now engages over 20,000 UK businesses.  

Throughout 2017 we collaborated closely with 100s of independent shopkeepers, other local businesses, community champions, government stakeholders, and a variety of industry experts to create a new blueprint for success on the modern day high street. 

We invested our technology, resources and brainpower into building a tool that would level the playing field for smaller businesses selling locally. We started with and answered one question... How can we help increase your local sales? 

Jo brings together this collective intelligence and investment into one simple to use, free to join personalised digital assistant for your local business. 

Get in touch if you’d like to partner with us to support and empower the local high street:

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